HoloCosmic is a Cosmic Art expressed through a multidimensional stellar language that goes beyond our mind. We are talking about a language manifested in the form of sound (music), light (color) and geometry (shape) that creates a holographic communication space where the receiver connects with his heart feeling its beauty and inner power.

When we connect with these frequencies, our mind receives them as an abstract language that it cannot decode as usual. Thus, in this way, we access another type of communication and perception beyond our mental structure, without filters, deeper and more authentic. It is a holographic communication with our soul and true being. Unlike the verbal communication that humans experience through words, which are usually conditioned and limited by beliefs or mental programs, and therefore do not necessarily convey all the emotions that one wants to express. Thus, when we interact with these cosmic frequencies, a transformative connection space is created between Holocosmic and us without distortion of the information contained in said language, reaching the unconscious in a pure way. Information that our essence identifies, creating an opening of the heart, an expression and emotional release and a non-mental but sensitive recognition of certain parts of us that we do not know.

In short, Holocosmic as Cosmic Art, vibrates energetically with our different bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, gradually awakening in the Human Being an expansion of consciousness, harmonization and inner balance and the capacity for empowerment and creative sovereignty that every human being harbors inside. In this way Holocosmic inspires us to recognize, assimilate and express who I am and what my own potential is, to contribute it to the Human Collective.

Holocosmic Art is presented to us in different forms, Painting, Sculpture, Music, Architecture and Harmonization of spaces, being able to be enjoyed in all kinds of settings, it may well be in private spaces, public spaces or even on film sets or soundtracks.

The way to always perceive this Art, either from its melodies or from its structures, is from the heart and from the feeling and flow, therefore with an openness to experience and without expectations.



Holocosmic offers us high vibration frequencies in different Solfeggio tunings using a wide variety of instruments and voices that venture us on a cosmic, sensitive and emotional journey.



Holographic Concerts are an audio-visual experience through sound, light and form. Metaphorically they represent a cosmic journey, in which the recipient connects through holographic communication with their own life experience and connection with the divine. Thus, the Concerts show audio-visually the round trip of the soul journey, through a combination of elements that make up the Multidimensional Stellar Language of Holocosmic: Cosmic Music, Cosmic Seals, Antennas and a great variety of tonalities, images and geometric shapes.

Each song is related to a Geometry, Cosmic Seal that in turn is related to a Platonic Solid, with a determined Solfeggio Frequency and with an Element of the planet Earth. In this way, the viewer as a human Being and cell of Gaia can, through this experience, tune in to the wisdom of each element and thus connect with its interior and essence, harmonizing and awakening their own, where the richness and power of oneself.

The way to receive these Holographic Concerts is from an attitude of openness and trust, therefore without expectations and simply feeling, flowing and contemplating.



Holographic Meditations are audio-visual spaces for interiorization, connection with oneself and awakening of consciousness, through Holocosmic holographic communication.

These videos are created with a combination of Holocosmic music in a meditative version at a slower and more relaxed rhythm and images of the different Cosmic Seals.

The way to receive these Meditations is from an attitude of openness and trust, in a relaxed way and with slow breathing. Therefore without expectations and simply feeling, flowing and listening.


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