HoloCosmic is a multidimensional stellar language that Iván Vilches has manifested and it´s expressed through sound (music), light (color) and sacred geometry (form).ivanvilches-holocosmic

This holographic communication is emitted from the heart, encompassing all fields of human perception, both consciously and unconsciously. It´s an abstract language for the mind and it will not act as a filter when interpreting what it perceives, accessing another type of communication more authentic with our true self. It is not going to distort the information, it will arrive with purity to the unconscious.

Humans are used to communicate with words, and words do not necessarily transmit the totality of feelings, emotions, ideas or forms that anyone wants to communicate. Instead, in holographic communication, consciousness transmits through the heart forms, colors and sounds in a broader way, inviting the receiver to enter that space and also feel it .

HOLO-CONCERTS (Holographic Concerts)

An audio-visual experience through sound (music), light (color), and geometry (form).

Each song, with each geometry (cosmic seal), emerges from a platonic solid, with a concrete solgeggio frequency and linked to an element of the planet earth. The human being, like a cell of Gaia, connecting with the wisdom of each element and harmonizing with each melody.

These concerts harmonize at light level (working the spiritual), sound level (working the psychic and emotional) and geometric level (working the physical), generating a space for the expansion of consciousness, the opening of the heart and the connection with our true self, that which emanates from the source, the origin, and which we have forgotten in this cosmic journey that we call life.

A space to observe all the emotions that are going to move, the feelings that are going to emerge, the perception that will be generated … so that you can feel and look from a broader and higher perspective.

If you wish to organize a “Holo-Concert” please contact us here.

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